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Online reservations for skis and snowboards can be made up to 48 hours before your first day on the mountain.  If you’re planning on visiting Christmas/New Year’s Eve, MLK and President’s weekends, or during Spring Break, we would advise you to reserve well in advance. We do try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, if you don’t have a reservation please call 970 453 1777 and we will do our very best to take care of you.

Helpful tip. If you have multiple people in your group requiring the same rental package, you should select the package and then choose the number of people requiring that option, the system will create a dropdown for each renter’s details. You can then add your selection to the shopping cart. If you have additional renters requiring different packages you will then repeat this process with the new selection(s)

Deposits are refundable up to 7 days before the first day of your reservation. If you have paid in full your entire payment will be refundable up to 7 days before the first day of your reservation, cancellations after 7 days, the refund would exclude the deposit.

We encourage our customers to pick up their rental equipment the evening before their first day on the mountain to avoid the morning rush. Fitting appointments are available the day before from 2:00 PM to 7:30 AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Morning fitting appointments are available beginning at 8:00 AM.

Skis and snowboards are due back by 6:00 PM on your last day.

We offer three different ski packages and two snowboard packages. We like to say, “the best ski is the appropriate ski.”

Super Side-Cut skis are designed for beginners and those taking it slow. They are soft and forgiving making learning easy. If you’re sticking on green slopes, this is the ski for you.

Advanced Super Side-Cut skis are a little stiffer in their construction, resulting in a more aggressive and responsive feel. We carry an all mountain ski and a free ride ski in this package. If you’re comfortable on a Blue or Black run and like to carry a little more speed, this is a good choice.

Demo skis are our premium package. We carry several models from each of the following brands: Salomon, Rossignol, and Volkl. These skis are top of the line retail models intended for solid intermediate skiers all the way to expert level. We also offer different styles of skis within the demo package, everything from Carving to All-Mountain to Powder.

Snowboard our snowboards are designed with learning in mind. If this is your first time, or if you’re still getting the hang of things, this is the best option. These boards are softer in their construction and more forgiving. They also feature a convex base making it less likely to catch an edge.

Advanced Snowboard If you are linking turns together or comfortable on a Blue or Black run, this is the board for you. We carry several different styles from Burton, Salomon, and Rossignol. These boards carry speed well and are more responsive than our regular snowboard.

Our upgrade boot is a performance upgrade, not necessarily a comfort upgrade. While we carry several styles of boots to accommodate all different foot shapes, this is our narrowest and stiffest boot class. We carry the Salomon S-PRO R100 & R90 as our upgrade option. This is a nice choice if you like to ski aggressively and like a stiffer boot. There is an additional $6 per day charge for these boots.

Ski boots are made of ridged plastic that is stiff, to provide support while controlling the attached skis. Main Street Sports carries many different models of boots, something for everyone. We take the time to personally fit each customer to find the right fit.

The biggest problems we see include improper socks (not ski socks), wrinkles in the sock, or stuffing base-layers, or pants into the boot. Since you lean forward into the boot while skiing, any wrinkle or lump will eventually cause problems.

Remember, plastic shrinks when cold, and melts when hot. If you leave your boots in the cold overnight, they will not feel good in the morning. If you leave them next to the fire, they will melt!

Happy feet are essential for a good time skiing. If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your boots, please come back to the shop sooner than later (with your skis for readjustment) and let us work on the issue. Often times a simple adjustment or just a different style makes all the difference.

Helmets are not required, but are highly recommended. In the last few years, they have become much lighter, warmer, and more comfortable in general. Everyone that works at Main Street Sports wears a helmet, and we ski a lot!

If for whatever reason, you are not fully satisfied with your equipment, please come back to the shop and let us work on the issue. Swapping boots, skis, or snowboards, could greatly change your experience. Perhaps you’d like a smaller boot, a more advanced ski, or to try snowboarding. As long as we have the availability, we will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

High Elevation

Everyone experiences elevation change differently. While Denver is the ‘Mile High City’ at 5,280 feet, Breckenridge’s base elevation is an impressive 9,600 feet. Almost two miles above sea level! It is very common for people visiting from lower elevations to experience shortness of breath. Staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest can be helpful.

What should I wear when I’m skiing?

The weather can change dramatically in the mountains during the ski season. January is typically much colder than March, and the higher parts of the mountain are noticeably colder than the lower parts. (Base mountain elevation: 9,600 feet, Summit elevation: 12,998 feet, Vertical rise: 3,398 feet.)

You will want waterproof pants, jacket, and gloves. Layering to your warmth preference is important. Proper ski socks are very important, something smooth and synthetic; cotton socks are not a good choice for ski boots. Goggles or good sunglasses and a face covering of some sort are essential. Don’t forget the sunscreen on sunny bluebird days!

We carry a wide selection of accessories including gloves, goggles, socks, base-layers, and face coverings. There are many stores in town that carry ski pants and jackets.

If you have never skied or snowboarded before we strongly encourage you to take a lesson. Classes will dramatically reduce the learning curve, and have you making turns in an hour or two. Receiving instruction will often determine whether a guest has an enjoyable first experience and stays with the sport. If you do decide to take a lesson please be sure to make a reservation with ski school (only Breckenridge ski resort can offer ski and board lessons) well ahead of your visit, especially during the busiest holidays. Also please leave enough time to get to your class which often begins at 9 or 9.30 a.m. Picking your equipment up the afternoon or evening before will be especially beneficial in these circumstances.

We are a family owned and operated store located on Main Street, Breckenridge a couple of blocks walk from the nearest ski lift. We offer excellent well maintained ski and board equipment at affordable prices, with caring customer service second to none. Why the corporate store charge so much more is perhaps the pertinent question?

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