When it comes to picking the right rental skis it is imperative that you get the correct gear the first time. We pride ourselves on taking as much time as you need to make sure you are set up for success. Our passion is skiing and we want you to have as much fun on the mountain as we do.

Ski Rental Guide

You are taking the family skiing! All the big decisions have been made, which resort, where you are staying, flights are booked, ski passes purchased, even the rental car is reserved. Perhaps one of the last items on your list are Ski rentals, it may seem insignificant but your choice could make or break your vacation.

Ski rental stores theoretically all provide a similar service, but how they go about providing that service can drastically effect your experience on the Mountain.

Ski Boots

Perhaps the most important component of your rental. If your boots are not comfortable, too big, too small, too stiff, too soft, too wide, too narrow, your day or entire vacation can be ruined. It is amazing to me that some of our competition don't bother to either measure the customer's foot or even allow the skier to try the ski boot on. They merely ask what size you wear and give you a boot. At Main Street Sports we will always have you try the boot on, and if it's not comfortable we will keep going until we find the right model. It is very important that a rental store carries enough variety in its boot inventory to accommodate a good selection of foot shapes and skier abilities, there is no one-boot-model-fits-all solution in ski boots.


There are perhaps three key factors when selecting the correct ski:




For beginner and lower intermediate skiers our entry-level package Super Sidecut (SS) is always appropriate: shorter, softer, narrowish skis make it much easier to learn basic technique and initiate and complete turns.

For solid intermediate skiers, looking to ski more varied terrain at increased speeds our Advanced Super Sidecut (AS) package provides a slightly stiffer more stable rental ski. Typically our (AS) skier will select a longer length usually approaching 'eye level' when the ski is held upright to the skiers face. This package will also offer a couple of different shape options;

Wider-waisted skis provide greater float in deeper snow and variable off-trail conditions


Narrower-waisted skis offer a quicker more responsive feel for those skiers with a preference for 'front side' groomed on trail skiing.

For Advanced Intermediate and Expert skiers our (DD) Demo Package is most likely the best choice. Demo skis are essentially retail skis with very adjustable ski bindings to accommodate a wide variety of boot sizes. Within our Demo fleet we offer a variety of current season's skis providing a larger choice of shapes for more specific skiing styles, terrain and speeds. Demo skis incorporate the latest technology for the ultimate ski experience.

Kids Skis

Selecting between our two Kids packages Junior Super Sidecut (JSS) or Junior Advanced Sidecut (JAS) is a similar thinking between the first two adult ski packages (SS) and (AS). If your children are absolute beginners or lower intermediate then (JSS) is appropriate. If your kids are comfortably skiing Blue trails then our (JAS) skis will benefit their skill progression.

Ski Tuning and Maintenance

You don't have to be an expert or know anything about ski tuning to appreciate a well cared for ski. When a ski is properly maintained it glides smoothly and turns and carves without feeling 'catchy.' Without regular care, the opposite is true. Your ski may feel slow, the edges may grip too much or not at all, it can be a horrible experience. Main Street Sports tunes all it's skis after every rental, not all rental shops do this.

Our Staff

Will ensure you are in the most comfortable boot and the most appropriate ski package for the best possible ski experience. Old fashioned customer service is a rare commodity, but it is always available at Main Street Sports.

Rental Prices

If you have never skied before, or have never skied in Breckenridge you might be inclined to shop by Price. Many consumers will be tempted by the lowest price, and a few will presume the higher the cost, the better the experience.

Typically the very highest prices are charged by rental stores on the Mountain, these rental operations have the highest customer volume, as a consequence the staff are often overworked and have little time to spend with customer service and getting you in that perfect boot, furthermore ski tuning is often neglected.

The very lowest prices can be found many miles from the ski resort, not a convenient choice if you have an issue and need to swap out your boot or ski.

Main Street Sports offers very competitive prices with an excellent well-maintained rental fleet and customer service that is second to none.

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